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Crisis started out in the late 70s with the rise of the British hardcore punk movement. They were at the forefront of the political take on punk, all of their songs being about the state of the UK and its government and anti Nazism (which will get interesting). They would release several singles, EPs and an LP. They were very comparable to and probably were on the bill with bands like Warsaw, UK Decay, The Royal Family (Dave Roberts), and numerous Crass camp bands. There was a re-release of their 7" and EP material on CD some years ago.

1978 - Live at Guilford Student Union

1979 - No Town Hall 7''

1979 - White Youth 7''

1980 - Hymns of Faith 12''

1981 - Alienation 7''

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf сказав...

Nice one for the live recording, great stuff. I'll stick a link up on my blog for ya.

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Simsy сказав...

This band are/were great. Tuneful punk with a great atmosphere. Excellent bass lines, simple guitar sound, excellent lyrics- what punk bands have come close to classics like, UK79, Alienation (where he feels condemned both by the Left and the Right, straights and gays), White Youth. I don't mind the fact that they went from one extreme to another. That's perfectly understandable and mirrors my own growing up- it's how you find the truth. Or one way, anyway. Punks are extremists anyway. They're attracted to that.

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Hey does anybody there know where I can get the last album Ends!, I just like crisis a lot and I'd like to listen to it, I might be pleased, Thanks... :-]

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please re-up