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Urban Dogs

1980 - Barmy London Army EP
1981 - Freaked 7''
1982 - New Barbarians 7''
1983 - Limo Life 7''
1983 - Urban Dogs
1985 - No Pedigree
1998 - Wipeout Beach


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Анонім сказав...

uhh great! i was looking a couple of missing material of this band. thanks!
i wonder if i can make a small request, i am looking for, an external menace album: the process of elimination, but no the 15 track edition, the 22 track edition. if you have i will appreciate that. keep up the good work, cheers from argentina!!!

Lanz сказав...

Seems like i have 15 track edition...

Анонім сказав...

mmm.. it's a shame, listen i keep looking for it, if i don't find it i'll try to buy it, then if you are interested, i can upload for you ok? i will take some time. just let me know ok?
i was wandering for other material, i have information about a bootleg cd of underdogs, that includes all their material, if you have it, know that i am very interested.
cheers from argentina. and keep good blogging

Анонім сказав...

i found the album that i looked for:
external menace - the process of elimination cd reissue 2004(22 track edition)
it's a very cool album that includes some singles.
here is the link:
i hope you like it so much as i do.
keep up the good work, your blog is great!!!

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RASH curitiba сказав...


Saudações do Brasil!