четвер, 8 січня 2009 р.

Charged G.B.H.

British classic.

1980 - Demo
1981 - Leather Bristles Studs and Acne
1982 - City Baby Attacked By Rats
1982 - Great Big Hairdos 7'' (Live Nottingham Dec. 11-82)
1986 - Midnight Madness And Beyond
1986 - Oh No It's GBH Again EP
1987 - Attack And Revenge By City Baby's
1987 - No Need To Panic!
1989 - A Fridge Too Far
1989 - No Survivors '83
1990 - Diplomatic Immunity
1992 - Church Of The Truly Warped
1992 - The Clay Recordings '81-'84 - CD1
1992 - The Clay Recordings '81-'84 - CD2
1993 - Live in Japan
1997 - Punk Junkies
1998 - GBH & BillyClub - Punk As Fuck Split EP
2002 - Ha Ha
2004 - Cruel & Unusual EP


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Анонім сказав...

Great blog ...loving the 80's punk ..cheers

Punkdemonium сказав...

Thx for the good stuff!!

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Анонім сказав...

Dammit, all links are dead! Can you re-up it, please in any other place?
Thanks in advance!

Lanz сказав...

Don't have any idea why it's not working. I will re-upload albums a bit later, my internet connection is very slow now.

Sct. сказав...

what's the code?

Анонім сказав...

cool stuff! thnx from Kiev ))) i got it all!

Анонім сказав...

all links are dead


Lanz сказав...

I'm sorry, all uploads were removed by mediafire.

Анонім сказав...

it's cool man, nevermind


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