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The Law

The Law - 1983 - Demo

1. The Law - Youth Street Violence (3:16)
2. The Law - The People Will Rise (2:49)
3. The Law - Life's A Wank (5:00)
4. The Law - Police Abuse (2:44)
5. The Law - Harrassment (3:57)
6. The Law - No Life No Future (2:15)
7. The Law - Life's A Wank ('84) (3:39)
8. The Law - Makes Me Mad (3:55)
9. The Law - Another Day Of Torture (4:22)
10. The Law - Feelings Burn (6:19)
11. The Law - Scarred For Life (4:29)

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Анонім сказав...

the real name of the band its L.A.W. (life`s a wank) and this is not only the demo 1983.

L.A.W. - Gaurdian sound studios demo 1984 (no life no future, life`s a wank 84 version, makes me mad)

L.A.W. - Miners hall recording delves dane demo 1985 (another day of torture, feelings burn, scarred for life)

L.A.W. - Troubador sunderland demo 1983 (youth street violence, the people will rise, life is a wank, police abuse, harrassment)


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