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Rudimentary Peni - Live & Rare

1982 - Live 25.05.82
1982 - Live @ Church Hall , Forest Gate UK, 01.16.82
1983 - Death Church Demos
Rudimentary Peni - Please Help (Unreleased)

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the track stated as unreleased is not ruimentary peni it is KULTURKAMPF i have there demos post on my blog

Henk сказав...

looks like he have them below.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube сказав...

I was hoping to find more than just the excellent demo tracks by RP and now I have thanks to you, beaucoup

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Abby сказав...

Intersting...!!! exactly what i was looking for

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To destroy the reality сказав...

grande recuerdos de este blog, saludos desde Chile punk


Asia Girls сказав...

I am really glad that I finally came here! I will surely be back here very often.Thanks for sharing. Keep bogging

Zésar Implosión сказав...

fifteen 70´s punk bands


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