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Liverpool's DISATTACK provided a formative launch platform for guitarist Bill Steer, later to rise to infamy with Gore-Grinders CARCASS. DISATTACK, founded in 1985 as a DISCHARGE honouring "Dis-core" act, recorded a solitary March 1986 six song demo 'Drop a Bomb…'. DISATTACK comprised Steer, vocalist Pek, bassist Paul and drummer Middie. The guitarist was an active promoter of extreme music, being co-publisher, alongside Middie and Pek, of the fanzine 'Phoenix From The Crypt'. Jeff Walker was to enroll, initially as bassist, as the transition to CARCASS was implemented.

Following CARCASS' reign, Steer forged the Stoner infused FIREBIRD.

1986 - A Bomb Drops... Demo

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