неділя, 24 серпня 2008 р.

The Exploited & Anti-Pasti

1981 - Don't Let Em Grind You Down EP

1. The Exploited - S.P.G. (2:11)
2. The Exploited - Cop Cars (2:01)
3. Anti-Pasti - Aint Got Me (1:44)
4. Anti-Pasti - Another Dead Soldier (2:31)

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Анонім сказав...


Анонім сказав...

Hi, I've been doing some searching... Do you happen to have anything you can upload by The Satellites or The Genocides? Thanks.

SickBoy сказав...

do you have the album from external menace(cd) - the process of elimination(the 22 tracks version, not the 15) it's really hard to find, and i came here because you have such good material, and i thought that you could help me. sorry about my english i am from uruguay.